Biodegradable, safe on all frame materials, does not harm seals, brake pads, rotors or anodised parts, unique formulation without the use of acids or solvents, streak free. Unique formulation.

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO BIKE CLEANER concentrate 1L

Save on packaging and money with this great biodegradable concentrate, 1 litre makes an amazing 5 litres of Bike Cleaner. Still cuts through dirt and grime with ease and speed. Safe on all parts of the bike.

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO citrus degreaser 1L

Biodegradable, cuts through oil and grease, penetrates all drivetrain components, helps for smooth long running drivetrain, ideal for any chain cleaning machine.

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO brake cleaner 500ml

Biodegradable, fast drying, rapidly removes grime, oil, brake fluid and greases, rehydrates braking components, improves braking performance, for disc brake and rim brakes.

PRO drivetrain degreaser 500ml

Biodegradable, quick penetrating degreaser, removes all oil and grease effortlessly, quick drying, leaves parts gleaming after deep cleanse in moments.

Also available in 1L, 5L & 10L

high power brake cleaner 500ml

Biodegradable, with the extra power blows off most grease and oil effortlessly, rehydrates brakes, for use on ALL braking surfaces, improves stopping power, gets rid of squeaky brakes.

high powered degreaser 500ml

Biodegradable, effortlessly removes toughest grease and oil, super clean, leaves no residue, fast drying, safe on ALL drivetrain areas.

pro degreaser 500ml

Biodegradable, cuts through the toughest grease, what soluble, safe to use on ALL drivetrain areas, fast drying action.

Pro Bike Cleaner
Sachet: 10 sachets = 5ltrs

Biodegradable, unique formulation, fast dissolving cleaner, cuts through all grease and oil, safe on ALL areas of the bike, safe on seal & anodized parts. Makes 5 litres of bicycle cleaner.


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