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With over 20 years of experience gained in all aspects of cycling,  PCC is in an ideal position to launch an extensive range of biodegradable products that ALL cyclists need.  All PCC products are biodegradable, designed and formulated to meet, and exceed every cyclists’ requirements. Our products combine professional grade ingredients and materials giving expert results and care to everyday cyclists.


Cycling is in our blood, whether it’s a quick ride out with the kids, the long road miles or even the dirty off road rides we LOVE cycling, we LOVE bikes! We are passionate about looking after our pride and joys.  We want our bikes to look good, perform well and last a lifetime, so with all of these aspects in mind we have developed our products. We understand that your bike is an important part of your life – you need to look after it – so use the best!

PCC is a simple to use range of staged products; cycle care is made up of 3 stages: Clean, Protect and Lubricate.  PCC deliver all of these with professional quality products at affordable prices for everyone. Get that showroom look with minimal effort but maximum protection.

All products are manufactured in the UK and we ONLY use the highest quality ingredients in ALL our products.