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Not only is PCC Bike Cleaner Biodegradable it cuts through dirt and grime with ease and speed, not because of nasty acids because they don’t exist in this product. It cuts through because of its unique recipe. 

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO BIKE CLEANER concentrate 1.5l
50% extra free

Save on packaging and money with this great biodegradable concentrate, 1 litre makes an amazing 5 litres of Bike Cleaner. Still cuts through dirt and grime with ease and speed. Safe on all parts of the bike.

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO citrus degreaser 1.5l
50% extra free

Fast reacting Biodegradable Citrus Degreaser perfect for all bikes. Acts fast and rinses off just as quickly to leave everything clean and ready for the next step. Perfect product for Chain cleaning machines.

Also available in 5L & 10L

PRO drivetrain degreaser 1.5l
50% extra free

Perfect biodegradable degreaser for all areas of the bike, will eliminate all grime from affected areas and dry’s fast and rinses off to leave behind gleaming parts.

Also available in 1L, 5L & 10L

Pro Dry Lubricant with PTFE 100ml

State of the art Biodegradable Dry Lubricant with added PTFE. The thin viscosity penetrates every single link easily and with the added protection of PTFE the chain is protected. Keeps the chain looking clean throughout the ride. PTFE also reduces the wear on the chain.

Pro Synthetic Wet Lubricant 100ml

Water repellent lubricant that keeps the chain lubricated and clean. With a thin viscosity it penetrates into every chain link. Designed for the wettest conditions and for those long wet and even muddy rides. To make this even better its biodegradable 

All Weather Lubricant with added PTFE 100ml

No matter what the weather throws at you this lubricant can handle it. Designed to repel water and to work fast whilst still being biodegradable, also to keep the chain clean and protected with the added PTFE.  Ideal for those long rides on road or off road where the weather can change so easily. Penetrates every single chain link.


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